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Sea Laver (Nori) Processing Machine
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Sea Laver (Nori) Processing Machine and Materials
Sea Laver (Nori) Processing Machine and Materials

ONEMAN™ has contributed to reducing the amount of labor required to process Nori.
Since Nichimo first developed ONEMAN™ in 1975, the machine has contributed significantly to reducing the amount of lavor required to process Nori, or dried sea laver.
Nichimo continues working on the development of advanced Nori processing machines.

Full Automatic Dry Sea Laver Sheet (Nori) Making Machine ONEMAN™

Full Automatic Dry Sea Laver Sheet (Nori) Making Machine
We have two types of drying system : 1) Single loop, and 2) Combination of Single loop for primary step and Double loop for secondary step.
By epoch-making drying pattern, ONEMAN™ machines get rid of uneven dry and dullness of lower part, and process high-quality Sea Laver Sheet.

Other Sea Laver Processing Materials:

Aquaculture boat Boat Various type of Sea Laver aquaculture boat
Boat materials Legal and other boat equipments
Aquaculture materials Sea Laver Net Special type, Normal type
Materials Rope, Float, Anchor, Pole, Hook etc.
Acid Netralizer W-clean
Nuitrent Nichimo "NORI KING"
Raw Material Storage Storage Tank, Cooling Water System, Freezing room
Processing equipments Pre-processing Mixing, Washing, Maturing, Seasoning
Post-processing Counter, Separator, Inspection machine
Controllers Density controller, Salt controller
Norisu (Mat) Nichimo Norisu (Sea Laver Mat) "NIBERA"
F/A Dryer Nichimo "ONEMAN"
Drying Controller Humidity controller, Ventilation Fan, Humidifying boiler
Others Sponge washer "SPOSHER", PH Controller