food processing machinery Through detailed consulting from both a hardware and a software perspective, Nichimo provides optimum proposals for food processing production systems.
Nichimo delivers not only food itself, but also numerous types of food processing equipment and, drawing on technology and know-how gathered over the years, has added complete plant and production system proposals to its comprehensive list of services.
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Chinese Food,Noodles,and other Processing Foods

automated chinese dishes making robot
Fully automated Dim Sum (small Chinese dishes) Making Robot [Dim Sum Master]
(Manufactured by Daiei Engineering Co., Ltd.)

Processed Products Name of Equipment
Chinese Food
Chao-tsu (Gyoza) and boiled chao-tsu
Shaomai, spring rolls and wan-tans
Paozu and meat buns
Japanese noodles(Udon) and Chinese noodles
Fully automated Dim Sum making robot [Dim Sum Master]
Chao-tsu making machine [Gyoza Robo]
Fully automated steaming & cooling machine and fully automated broiling machine
Chao-tsu making machine and shaomai making machine
Spring roll crust making machine, spring roll filling and making machine, measured volume filling machine, meat bun making machine, wan-tan making machine and paozu making machine
Other Processed Foods

Screw noodle machine and crepe making machine
Meatball making machine

Tempura and Fried Products

tempura forming machine
Dual-type [Bibun Fryer] for frying (Manufactured by Bibun Engineering Co., Ltd.)

Processed Products Name of Equipment
Various kinds of fried products

Various kinds of frozen foods
Various types of tempura forming machines and universal de-oiling machines
Dual-type fryer for frying foods, filter
Heat exchange type fryer, pan-broiler
Special ovens for the food industry
Breading machine
Buttering machine
Compact freezer
Spiral freezer

TOFU,Soymilk and AGE

soy milk and tofu making machine
Soy Milk and Tofu Making Machine (Manufactured by Soei Co.,Ltd.)

Processed Products Name of Equipment
Soy Milk and tofu Soy Milk & tofu making machine, automated curding & molding machine, indirect continuous boiling equipment, soybean grinding machine, and storing, conveying & soaking equipment
Deep-fried tofu Fully automated fry making machine, fully automated dried tofu machine, automated fry air input sorting equipment, and fried tofu curding & molding machine

Surimi and Kneaded Products

bibun blender
Bibun Blender [NAP Series] (Manufactured by Bibun Engineering Co., Ltd.)

Processed Products Name of Equipment
Surimi Surimi making machine and blender, mixing & grinding apparatus, and fish meat gathering machine
Surimi Products
Kamaboko (fish cake) and crab-flavored kamaboko
Chikuwa and hampen
Bamboo-leaf shaped kamaboko
Kamaboko making machine and kamaboko molding machine
Joule crab kamaboko making machine
Hampen making machine
Automated chikuwa molding machine ROASTER
Bamboo-leaf shaped kamaboko making machine

Fish Processing Products and Others

filleting machine
High Performance Filleting Robot [Professional] (Manufactured by NIKKO Inc.)




Processed Products Name of Equipment
Other fish processing products
Smoked salmon
Scallops and nori sheets
High performance filleting machine
Filleting machine
Smoked salmon slicer
Smoking equipment, germ removing & defreezing apparatus, high speed weighing machine and automated nori sheet cutter

Slicer and Dicer

[Slicer ECD-202]

[Dicer DC-202]
Slicer, Dicer(SEVENCHEFS)

Other Machines

firing boiler
Small once-through waste oil firing boiler [Steam Ace]
(Manufactured by Maeda Iron Works, Ltd.)
Name of Equipment
Burdock shredding machine, electric suction sorter, cyclone wind sorter,
character processing IH device , spiral separator,
viscosity filling equipment, vacuum dryer & vacuum cooler
various kinds of packing (stretch, pillow and deep drawing)
container washer, jet cleaner, tray washer, air cleaner, smog busters
waste oil firing boiler, oil storage tank and flinger conveyer
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