IR Topics for the Year Ended March 31, 2014

Nichimo is expanding its sales of high quality Argentine surimi in the Japanese market
<Food Business>

Nichimo Food Business is expanding its sales of high quality surimi processed by San Arawa S.A., a leading surimi and fillet producer in the Argentine Republic who joined the Nichimo Group in February 2013 (

San Arawa operates the Tai An, the only surimi processing factory vessel in Argentina, and the San Arawa II, a modern fillet processing factory vessel, to process and supply high quality southern blue whiting and hoki surimi, fillet blocks and fish meals. Their hoki products are MSC-certified and highly recognized and valued as sustainable and traceable as well as of high quality in the European and Asian markets.

Nichimo supplies San Arawa's differentiated high quality surimi to kneaded products processors in Japan.

San Arawa's southern blue whiting surimi, a superior raw material with an excellent supple texture, is used for many high-end kneaded food products such as kamaboko, kanikama and chikuwa.

San Arawa's hoki surimi is MSC-certified, has a profound taste and is used for a wide range of kneaded products.

Nichimo continues to promote and expand its sales of surimi from San Arawa, Argentine to deliver its superior quality and value to kneaded products processors in Japan.

* MSC or Marine Stewardship Council is the international charity based in London to encourage sustainable fishing practices.

Nichimo delivered newly built, fully rigged bottom trawlers to a fishing company in Iwate Prefecture
<Marine Business>

Nichimo Marine Business delivered a pair of state-of-the-art new bottom trawlers, the Shoun Maru No.111 and the Shoun Maru No.11, to Kanazawa Fisheries Limited, a fishing company located in Iwate Prefecture of the northeast region of Japan.

The vessels are newly built, configure-to-order bottom trawlers completely rigged with bottom trawl net, gear and ropes as well as navigation and fishing equipment and electronics. Kanazawa Fisheries acquired the pair of the vessels from Nichimo with the support of the government program that encourages and subsidizes fishing entities in the regions suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake to convert their operations into more environment-adjusted, profit-generating ones.

The both vessels adopt a low-resistance hull design, large-diameter propellers and LED lightings to achieve high energy efficiency, and are equipped with an advanced sea water disinfecting and cooling system to maintain superior freshness of their catch.

Kanazawa Fisheries is operating the new vessels in the Pacific off the northeast region of Japan since April 2014, bringing their fresh catch of Pollock, pacific cod and squid to the markets.

Nichimo continues to provide fishing companies and fishermen with our comprehensive technologies and expertise to support their efficient and profitable fishing operations.

Nichimo built a new turnkey factory for a leading tofu manufacturer
<Machinery Business>

Nichimo Machinery Business built a new turnkey factory complete with entire processing lines for Miyoshi Food Processing Co., Ltd, a leading tofu manufacturer in Kyushu.

The new factory is equipped with a fully automated tofu processing system manufactured by Soei Co., Ltd., our subsidiary, to secure the client's continued supply of safe quality tofu products to large retail stores.

It is a LNG-powered factory to make it more environment-friendly with reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The factory adopts a positive air pressure system to reduce potential invasion of the outer air and insects to allow enhanced safety and hygiene controls.

The factory was inaugurated in February 2014. Their quality tofu products made with Soei's automation system are sold at stores inside and outside Kyushu.

Nichimo continues to provide our clients with comprehensive lines of products and services, from individual machinery and equipment, to entire food processing lines and to turnkey engineering and construction services, to correspond to different needs of our clients and to lead to a low environmental burden.