IR Midterm Topics for the Year Ended March 31, 2015

Nichimo supplies brine frozen quality seafood products
<Food Business>

Nichimo introduced and promoted our brine frozen quality seafood products at the renowned annual Japan International Seafood & Technology Expo in Tokyo this year.

For years, Nichimo’s Food Business division and our subsidiary, Nichimo Foods Co., provide the market with our freshly frozen quality crab and crab products that have been quickly frozen in brine, a saturated saline solution, at around - 18 degrees Celsius.

We have applied this brine freezing technology and knowhow to natural salmon from the Sea of Okhotsk off Hokkaido. The fish is freshly headed and gutted and brine frozen to retain the freshness, texture, flavor and color of the meat. We supply brine frozen H&G salmon, ready-to-eat salmon slices and also grilled, marinated and other value added salmon slices to the food processing and food service industries.

With our expertise covering all the way "from ocean to a table," the Nichimo Group continues to provide our customers and the market with high value and quality seafood products.

Nichimo successfully extended the shipping season of sea farmed coho salmon with our submersible cage system
<Marine Business>

In our joint research with the University of Tokyo under a government project to promote innovation in salmon and trout farming business in the Northeast Japan, Nichimo Marine Business division developed a fish cage flotation system to extend the shipping season of sea farmed coho salmon.

The coho sea farming season in Japan starts in November. The farmed fish is available in the market only until July of the following year as all the fish in the cage needs to be shipped before the water temperature goes up to 21 degrees Celsius.

In November 2013, we set up our fish cage flotation system in the water off the Northeast Japan and placed young coho salmon in it to grow. It is a submersible rectangular cage, with a diameter of approx. 17 meters and framed with polyethylene pipes. In August this year, we kept the cage with fish approx. 10 meters below the water surface to maintain the water temperature in the cage below 21 degrees Celsius. It allowed us to successfully retain the fish for an extended period and continue shipment of the fish to the market until mid-August, when natural coho salmon was not yet available.

Nichimo and our subsidiary, Nichimo Mariculture Co., continue our research and development under this project as well as other projects to support the fish farming industry with our comprehensive expertise and technologies.

Nichimo promotes Yutaka Manufacturing’s automatic noodle making system in overseas markets
<Machinery Business>

As the exclusive overseas agent of Yutaka Manufacturing Company Ltd., Nichimo’s Machinery Business division promotes and sells their automatic and continuous fresh noodle and wrapper making systems in the United States, China, Southeast Asia and other overseas markets.

Yutaka has an established reputation as the manufacturer of one of the world’s finest, most advanced and reliable automatic and continuous systems to make udon, soba, ramen and other fresh noodles as well as wrapping skins for gyoza, shao mai, wonton and other Chinese food.

Their full automation solutions cover the entire noodle/wrapper processing line, from flour and water feeding to kneading and press rolling and to final cutting, to secure consistent and hygienic processing.

In addition to complete automation, Yutaka’s special systems spread the dough into a thin noodle or dough sheet in a gradual and phased manner to give it the good texture similar to that of a handmade one.

Nichimo supplies and distributes Yutaka’s advanced and reliable automatic noodle and wrapping skin making solutions to address different needs for regional varieties of noodles and Chinese food in the world.