IR Topics for the Year Ended March 31, 2015

Nichimo supplies high quality Alaska Pollock roe products, from raw material roes harvested in the Russian and Alaskan waters to various value added products.
<Food Business>

The Nichimo Group supplies high quality Alaska Pollock roes harvested in the Russian and Alaskan waters to food processing manufacturers, as well as seasoned, spicy, and other value added Alaskan Pollock roe products processed at our Group and partner factories in Japan and abroad under our strict quality management.

In Japan, Haneuo Shokuhin Co., Ltd. and Hakatakko Honpo Co., Ltd., our Group companies, process value added, quality tarako and mentaiko products.

Haneuo Shokuhin sells their own Haneuo brand tarako and mentaiko products processed at their main factory in Shimonoseki and another factory in Shizuoka. Their Shimonoseki factory was acknowledged in October 2000 as the first HACCP-certified factory in Japan in the category of frozen tarako and mentaiko products, and their Shizuoka factory was certified as a HACCP-compliant local factory by the Shizuoka Food Hygiene Association in March 2014.

Hakatakko Honpo processes their Hakatakko brand spicy, non-artificially colored and other value added mentaiko products at their head factory in Fukuoka and sells the products online.

In addition to our original products, we process private label products for supermarket chains.

We also supply seasoned and precooked tarako products and offer new recipe and menu ideas to the restaurants and food services sector.

Nichimo delivered a large Ultra Cross purse seine to a new local seiner
<Marine Business>

Nichimo Marine Business delivered a large, knotless Ultra Cross(R) purse seine to the Shoyu Maru No.18. This newly built 760ton vessel owned by Ichimaru Co. is one of the largest seiners in Japan. It operates in the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean to catch skipjack and tuna.

The netting that consists almost 100% of our Ultra Cross(R) netting manufactured by Nishi Nihon Nichimo Co.,Ltd., our fishing net and gear manufacturing subsidiary, was fabricated into the finished purse seine at the facility of Tohoku Nichimo Co.,Ltd., our subsidiary and a nets fabricator. The delivered new purse seine is approximately 2km in its circumference and 360m in its height and weighs about 60tons.

Nichimo is the only company in Japan that networks with our group companies to provide total and comprehensive purse seine services from designing to scale model tank tests, to netting manufacturing, to fabrication into complete purse seine nets, and to sea trials of finished products.

Nichimo Marine Business is committed to support our client purse seiners and their safe operations and good catches with our comprehensive services, expertise and technologies.

Bibun Corporation inaugurated a new factory with increased capacity to manufacture food processing systems
<Machinery Business>

Bibun Corporation, a Nichimo subsidiary and a manufacturer of food processing systems and machinery, moved into the new headquarters office in October 2014 and inaugurated a new factory in November 2014 to accommodate their expanded business and future growth.

Bibun builds, manufactures and supplies food processing plants, systems and machinery for kanikama, chikuwa, fried and dried surimi and many other processed seafood products manufacturers as well as advanced Bibun Blender and other systems for surimi producers.

To accommodate increasing needs of client manufacturers to adopt larger and longer processing lines at their facility, the new factory has a wider space sufficient to manufacture two complete processing or fryer lines, that may extend to as much as 30 meters each, simultaneously.

Bibun's systems and machinery are used by many kanikama and other kneaded products manufacturers both in Japan and aboard and their export sales is increasing as the demand for these healthy food products keeps growing overseas.

Nichimo Machinery Business and Bibun work together to satisfy growing needs of our customers with our advanced, reliable and hygienic food processing systems and machinery.

ImmuBalance(R), an anti-allergy ingredient, was granted a patent as a pollinosis improvement ingredient
<Biotics Business>

ImmuBalance(R), a proprietary fermented soy product and an anti-allergy ingredient manufactured and distributed by Nichimo Biotics Co., Ltd., was granted a patent as a pollinosis improvement ingredient and registered at the Japan Patent Office in October 2014 (Patent No. 5624706).

A clinical study of participants with cedar pollinosis was conducted prior to patent application. Among the participants treated with the ingredient, about 85% of them reported reduction in severity of symptoms, such as sneezing, soar throat, itchy eyes, and a running nose, compared to their symptoms a year ago.

ImmuBalance(R) is also recognized as an ingredient to improve symptoms of atopic dermatitis and other allergic diseases. Major health food manufacturers use ImmuBalance(R) as an anti-allergy ingredient in their products.

In addition to ImmuBalance(R), Nichimo Biotics also processes and distributes their original brand health food products containing ImmuBalance(R).