IR Midterm Topics for the Year Ended March 31, 2016

From Ocean to Table. We support development of the "Sixtiary Sector" - value-adding partnership among the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors

Nichimo and the Nichimo Group support development of the "Sixtiary Sector" in fisheries, especially in coho salmon farming. The "Sixtiary Sector" is a coined word that refers to business partnerships among the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors to develop, promote and add values to their products and services associated with the primary sector.

Our Marine Business worked with the University of Tokyo to develop a special cage flotation system. This submersible cage system allows coho salmon farmers in Japan to keep the fish in the cooler layer of the water off the coast and extend their season to as late as mid-August. It generates additional business opportunities and advantages for them to supply the fish to the market when other salmon farming cages have been already emptied and natural coho salmon is not yet available.

To support farmers' efficient operation and production of high quality fish, we also developed an innovative automatic underwater feeder. This new feeder eliminates the time and effort to raise the cage up to the water surface for feeding. It is not only cost and labor saving but also relieves the fish from the stressful rising of the cage and improves their survival to the market size.

Our Food Business sells and distributes these high quality farmed salmon. Some are processed at our group and partner factories into fillet, seasoned and other value added and traceable products and supplied to supermarket chains and restaurants.

From Ocean to Table. From fishing and farming to seafood processing and marketing, Nichimo and the Nichimo Group support development of the "Sixtiary Sector" - the value-adding partnership in fisheries.

We supply Haneuo's premium and original mentaiko and tarako products
<Food Business>

Nichimo supplies high quality Alaska Pollock roes harvested in the Russian and Alaskan waters to the food processing sector. We also supply supermarket chains and restaurants our seasoned, spicy and other value added Alaska Pollock roe products processed at our Group and partner factories in Japan and abroad.

Haneuo Shokuhin Co., Ltd., our group company, processes and supplies our own Haneuo brand premium grade mentaiko and various other value added Alaska Pollock roe products.

Haneuo Shokuhin also develops original recipes and introduces new products, such as seared tarako and wasabi tarako, to the market. Wasabi tarako is a new product co-developed with Tamaruya Honten Co., Ltd., an established processor of wasabizuke, a local specialty, in Shizuoka, Japan. The new product was exhibited for sample tasting at the 2015 Japan International Seafood & Technology Expo and received high ratings and very favorable comments from visitors.

The Group develops and supplies premium, new and original Alaska Pollock roe products to the food processing, food services, retail and various other sectors.

We supply food processing systems of distinguished features and Japan-made quality to the world.
<Machinery Business>

Nichimo's Machinery Business supplies advanced food processing systems designed and manufactured by our group companies in Japan, Bibun Corporation and Soei Co., Ltd.

Bibun manufactures and builds processing systems and lines for kanikama and various other surimi seafood products. Soei manufactures and builds tofu, deep-fried tofu and various other tofu processing systems and lines.

Nichimo is also a distributor of Yutaka MFG Co., Daiei Engineering Co., Ltd., and Emura Food Machine Co., Ltd. in the overseas markets. We supply Yutaka's noodle processing systems, Daiei's Chinese food processing systems, and Emura's vegetable cutting systems as well as our group companies' product lines to meet different needs and local requirements of client processors and consumers in the world.

Emura Food Machine is one of the leading manufacturers of vegetable cutting systems in Japan and has a long history with its origin going back to a swordsmith in the Edo period. Emura's SEVENCHEFS series correspond to all kinds of applications, from slicing to dicing and from vegetables to meat, and are endorsed by many users in the US and other overseas markets.

Nichimo's Machinery Business works closely with our group companies and business partners to satisfy clients' evolving needs in the world with our Japan-made, advanced and quality food processing systems.