IR Topics for the Year Ended March 31, 2016

Nichimo participated in China Fisheries & Seafood Expo 2015.
<Food Business>

Nichimo's Food Business participated in China Fisheries & Seafood Expo 2015 held in Qingdao, China in November 2015 and had a very successful exhibit. The Expo is one of the three major international seafood shows along with Seafood Expo North America in Boston and Seafood Expo Global in Brussels.

Nichimo is a leading supplier of high quality raw material seafood and value added processed seafood to both the domestic and international markets. At the Expo, we presented our major product lines including crab, salmon, bottom fish and mentaiko. Mentaiko is not familiar yet to consumers in China. We offered tasting of our mentaiko and distributed promotion flyers at our booth. Many visitors tried the product and gave us very valuable feedback.

We worked with Haneuo Shokuhin, our group company and value added seafood processor, to apply the input we gathered at the Expo and from our market research and developed an original mentaiko recipe for the China market.

The global demand of quality seafood products is expanding with the growing popularity of "Washoku" or Japanese cuisine worldwide. Nichimo looks to international markets, especially the China market, to expand our business and serve our customers with our high quality, value added products that correspond to their different needs and preferences.

Nichimo helped Fudo Maru Co., Ltd., streamline their new vessel and purse seining fleet
<Marine Business>

Fudo Maru Co., Ltd., a fishing company in Ibaraki and our client, built the new purse seiner, the Fudo Maru No.11 in January 2016, and Nichimo Marine Business delivered a complete set of fishing gear and equipment to the vessel.

Conventional purse seining requires a fleet of three boats: the one to search the fish, the one to develop the net around the fish and the one to carry the catch. In close consultation with the ship owner, and with our extensive expertise and knowledge, we successfully integrated functions and capabilities of the conventional search and carry boats into the Fudo Maru No.11 to satisfy the client's needs to streamline their fleet to improve their fishing efficiency, catches and revenue.

With our R&D technologies and world's-only purse seine scale model flaw tank, we also designed and supplied them a light-weighted, durable purse seine net made with high tenacity filament yarns. The new net contributes to their safer operation and reduced total operation cost.

Nichimo continues to provide fishing companies and fishermen with our comprehensive lines of products and services along with our technologies and expertise to support their efficient and profitable operations.

Nichimo delivered a new office and cold storage turnkey project to Taisan Co., Ltd.<Machinery Business>

Taisan Co., Ltd., our client and an established food processor and wholesaler, inaugurated their new office and cold storage in Ofunato, Miyagi in October 2015. It was one of many turnkey projects Nichimo Machinery Business delivers to our customers in the food processing and distribution industry.

Back in 2014, we provided their salmon kirimi and flake factory with our thawing, kirimi-cutting and other quality food processing systems. In 2015, Taisan started their new office and cold storage project and we were commissioned to design, construct and complete their buildings and facilities. We successfully delivered the project, closely consulting with our client and accommodating their needs and requirements into the new facilities. The cold storage is equipped with the sophisticated air conditioning system to control multiple temperature zones and its layout ensures their optimum workflow, information control and products traffic.

Nichimo continues to provide our clients with comprehensive lines of products and services, from individual machinery and equipment, to entire food processing lines and to turnkey engineering and construction services, to correspond to their different needs.