Food Business

Nichimo's Food Business division dispatches its staff to fisheries all over the world in order to procure high-quality sources of raw material and supervise the techniques for processing them offshore.
Purchased raw materials are handled by affiliated companies and contracted processing facilities both domestically and overseas, and these entities process the raw materials into products for the market. Our products are widely circulated within Japan.
Thanks to such an integrated quality management system, Nichimo is able to assure the safety of its products, and traceability is guaranteed.

Marine Raw Materials

Through its unique global network, Nichimo's Marine Raw Materials division procures from the world's oceans all sorts of raw materials, in particular surimi (kneaded fish meat), crab, Pollack Roe, and frozen fish.
Our staffs frequently visit local fisheries, where they assure the quality of the seafood and supervise the fishing and primary processing. This enables us to maintain our supply of high-quality raw materials.

Processed Food

Taking advantage of the high-quality raw materials available, Nichimo's Processed Food division originates and develops ingredients and food items for use in bentos (lunch boxes) and similar products.
Through affiliated companies and contracted facilities both in Japan and overseas, Nichimo's products are supplied to both the retail and the food service industry all over the country.
Nichimo's own quality control team is responsible for the thorough management of the whole production process, from raw material procurement to processing and retail.

Fishing in the
Surrounding Seas, etc.

Not only does Nichimo procure its raw materials from overseas, it also maintains its own network for local catches in the seas around Japan.
While currently handling mainly autumn salmon and domestically farm-raised salmon, Nichimo is expanding its offerings to include catches like squid, flatfish, alfonsino, and horse mackerel.