Products & Services

Nichimo's Food Business division dispatches its staff to fisheries all over the world in order to procure high-quality sources of raw material and supervise the techniques for processing them offshore. In addition, we perform products processing and sales along with affiliated companies.

Marine Raw Materials
Processed Food
Fishing in the Surrounding Seas

Nichimo's Marine Business has a wealth of fisheries technology and knowledge, calling upon years of experience that has been accumulating right from the founding of the company.

Marine Machinery Products
Fishing Nets
Research and Development Team
Collaboration with the Public Sector

Working with specialized manufacturers of advanced technology, Nichimo produces processing machinery and production equipment that are necessary in food manufacturing.

Food Processing Machinery
Construction of New Manufacturing Facilities

Cooperating with a number of manufacturers, Nichimo's Product Business division handles all sorts of products, all the while placing an emphasis on safety and environmental friendliness.

Functional Furnishing Material
Packaging Material
Hygiene Control Products
Agricultural Material