01 Becoming a Sustainable Company


Becoming a
Sustainable Company

Our CSR initiatives contribute to the sustainable growth of the company and a more sustainable society.
Our business operations and services help to maintain social fairness and ethics as well as help to make society more sustainable, which motivates our employees and is important for planning and carrying out long-lasting CSR initiatives.

02 Message from the President


from the President

Opening the Way to a Sustainable World!

With a sense of responsibility as a corporate group that contributes to people’s healthy and vibrant lives, we will provide products that are safe, secure, and environmentally friendly, From Ocean to Dining.

In recent years, social issues have become pressing, including climate change, the sustainability of natural resources, the increasing number of natural disasters, changes in the working environment and lifestyles, and strengthening corporate governance. These social issues have also become more diverse, with companies facing increasing demand to solve problems and contribute more to society.

In response to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015, we are working, as a company, to resolve the sustainability issues required to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

Many social issues are inseparable from our broad business domain —From Ocean to Dining— and we aim to provide value to stakeholders by including solutions to these issues in our business strategy.

We are developing our businesses so that they contribute to the conservation of rich marine resources. Through our food business, for example, we provide safe food that consideration for the marine environment, and in marine business operations, we introduce products that reduce the environmental impact as we establish recycling chains.

Through our machinery business, we help to create safe, efficient working environments that meet the needs of a declining and aging workforce; through the materials business, we help to maintain a hygienic living environment. In these and other ways, we will contribute to sustainable industrialization and the maintenance of living environments that will adapt to the future.

And we believe that the continuity of our business operations will lead to the development of society as a whole.

Since Nichimo’s founding, our corporate philosophy has been, “In the spirit that a company is a public organ of society, we widely contribute to societal development with technologies and services that lead the industry.” The experience and know-how we have cultivated—plus abiding by this spirit over our 100-plus-year history—will guide us as we take up the challenge of developing new businesses and solving problems. And by combining these experiences, I am confident that we will remain a company that continues to add to people’s healthy and vibrant lives over the next 100 years.

The Nichimo Group will continue to create sustainable corporate value, as we do our part to help realize a sustainable world as a corporate group that creates value through connections, From Ocean to Dining.


Kazuaki Matsumoto

03 Our Approach


Our Approach

  • Management vision

    • The Nichimo Group is centered on Nichimo, the only trading company specializing in the fishing industry, covering everything From Ocean to Dining, and includes consolidated companies with unique expertise in their operating arenas.
    • Each Nichimo company aims to be a distinctive “winning company” recognized by the market in its business domain.
    • As a corporate group that achieves the industry’s top ordinary profit margin and is trusted by stakeholders (employees, customers, business partners, and shareholders), Nichimo as a company and the Nichimo Group will develop stable businesses further into the 21st century.
  • CSR policy

    Our basic policy on CSR, or our social mission, is to contribute to people’s healthy and vibrant lives through the fishing and marine products industries—our main business domains—by collaborating within the Nichimo Group to create value through connections. To accomplish our mission, or From Ocean to Dining, we will be guided by the corporate philosophy that we have followed since our founding: “In the spirit that a company is a public organ of society, we widely contribute to societal development with technologies and services that lead the industry.”

04 Value Creation through Nichimo’s Business Operations


Value Creation
through Nichimo’s
Business Operations

05 Nichimo’s CSR Activities


CSR Activities

Based on the perspectives of the SDGs and investment in ESG (the environment, social, and governance), Nichimo will focus on CSR activities more than ever and work toward sustainable social contribution goals.

Food Business

Providing safe, sustainable foods with consideration for the marine environment

Conserving fishery resources and ecosystems,
and establishing traceability

Marine Eco-Label Japan (MEL) certifies that companies in the fishing and aquaculture industries are conserving resources and ecosystems so that these can be optimally used by generations into the future. Certified products are distributed with the MEL logo.
MEL’s mission is to “help protect the richness of the seas, which will contribute to new development of Japan’s marine products industry and to the achievement of the SDGs.”
Within the Nichimo Group, Nichimo Mariculture Co., Ltd. obtained certification in April 2020 at the production stage for coho salmon farmed in Miyagi Prefecture, a goal that has been worked on for many years. This initial certification was then followed in May 2021 with Nichimo acquiring certification at the distribution processing stage.
Supplying sustainable marine products and traceability are both regarded around the world as essential elements for creating a sustainable society.
As a company whose business base is the marine products industry, we will continue to provide industry-leading services that will lead the way to the future.

  • To provide safe, secure, and sustainable products

    We have obtained MEL certifications and are working to conserve fishery resources and ecosystems.

  • To provide safe, secure, and sustainable products

    We have obtained MEL certifications and are working to conserve fishery resources and ecosystems.

Marine Business

Addressing environmental issues

Developing marine materials using biodegradable plastics and recycled fishing nets

We are now using biodegradable plastics to develop marine materials (fishing nets, ropes for fishing gear, squid hooks, octopus pots, oyster lines, bags for sandbags, float covers (film), etc.), and we are recycling fishing nets.
Marine materials using biodegradable plastics that degrade in the ocean are less harmful to the environment because they decompose without remaining in the sea as microplastics—seen as a serious problem recently—even if they flow out into the sea due to damage or stormy weather.
In addition, we are working on recovering fishing nets that are no longer needed (waste fishing nets) and recycling them for reuse in other products, such as new fishing nets. In the future, we aim to complete a recycling chain for marine materials (fishing nets, ropes, etc.).
Through these initiatives, we will reduce the impact on the environment, for example, by reducing marine waste and carbon dioxide emissions. As a leading trading company in the marine products industry, we will work to resolve marine environmental problems.

※These initiatives are implemented as part of:
Ministry of the Environment’s Fiscal 2020 Demonstration Program for Establishing Resource Recycling Systems for Plastics and Other Products to Support a Carbon-free Society,
Fisheries Agency’s Fiscal 2020 Program of Measures to Use Sustainable Plastics in Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, and
Fisheries Agency’s Fiscal 2018/2019 Program of Countermeasures to the Problem of Marine Plastics in Fisheries.

  • Marine materials using biodegradable plastics

    Degraded by microorganisms and does not remain in the ocean as microplastics.

  • Recycling chain of waste fishing nets

Machinery Business

Developing safe, efficient production and management systems that are easy to work with

Supplying optimal food production machinery and production lines that meet customers’ requirements

Food manufacturers build various production lines for every factory and product.
Nichimo proposes optimal food production machinery and production lines tailored to specific customer needs.
For example, with automatic production lines for abura-age (deep-fried tofu), we create safe and efficient production lines by automating the entire process starting with the raw material, soybeans in silos, then processing them through all stages to packaging: soy milk, tofu, and then abura-age.
For tofu fryers, we use a heat exchange equipment—over 40% more thermally efficient than the conventional open-flame fryers—reducing running costs, saving energy, and cutting CO2 emissions.
Also, this equipment circulates heat to keep the oil temperature uniform in the fryer vat, allowing stable production of high-quality abura-age.
We also automated the fryer feed-in process, usually a demanding task, to improve work efficiency and safety.
Supplying food manufacturing equipment and production lines tailored to the requirements of our customers not only reduces costs and improves production efficiency, it helps to deal with a declining and aging workforce, and contributes to making work environments that are safe and secure as well as easy for anyone to work in.

  • Automated production line for abura-age

  • Heat exchange type fryer

  • We propose optimal food production machinery and production lines that are tailored to our customers’ specific needs.

Materials Business

Maintaining a hygienic life and environment

Providing hygienic materials plus antimicrobial and antiviral films

Many functional films permeate our lives, creating comfortable living environments, including smartphone screen protection sheets and stain-proof cloth as well as chemical products such as deodorants.
Especially amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, alcohol preparations as well as antimicrobial and antiviral films have become indispensable for safe living.
These products are used not only in hospitals and restaurants, but also in hygienic food handling in food plants and nursing homes.
Nichimo contributes to creating environments where people can provide services and live with peace of mind. We do this by providing people-friendly food additive alcohol preparations, such as Takex Clean, and antibacterial films that have acquired SIAA certification.

  • Takex Clean lineup

  • Nichimo’s antimicrobial and antiviral films

Nichimo supports the Scrum Japan Program.

The Scrum Japan Program helps develop, through the sport of rugby, the minds and bodies of young people, encouraging the young people who will actively participate in many fields in the future.

06 Corporate governance



We believe that these are the important issues for us: swift management decision-making in response to the fluctuating economic environment and increasing shareholder value through sound business management. For these reasons, we are working to build strong relationships with stakeholders as we strengthen our internal operations.