What is Nichimo?From Ocean To Dining

Established in 1910 and incorporated in 1919 with the goal of becoming Japan’s top fishing net company,
we have contributed to the development of Japan’s fishing industry ever since.
Later, we started handling a variety of products other than fishing nets, and in 1972,
we changed our corporate name, creating the current Nichimo Co., Ltd., a trading company specializing in the fishing industry.

01 What does the company do?


What does
the company do?

Marine Business
: Aquaculture and fishing net and gear

Nichimo offers one-stop solution and consultancy services to fishing and aquaculture industries with our R&D and engineering skills combined with our technologies and expertise accumulated over the century since the company’s founding.


Group company

Manufacture and sale of fishing nets, fishing gear, and ropes
Hokkaido Nichimo Co., Ltd.
Nishinihon Nichimo Co., Ltd.
Nor' Eastern Trawl Systems Inc.
Making and repairing nets
Tohoku Nichimo Co., Ltd.
San-in Nichimo Co., Ltd.
Sale of fishing supplies and ship equipment and materials
Nichimo One Man Co., Ltd.
Tohei Co., Ltd.
Sale of aquaculture materials, equipment, feeds, etc.
Nichimo Mariculture Co., Ltd.

Food Business
: Marine raw material fish

Nichimo goes to fishing grounds around the world and provides processing guidance and support services to secure quality of raw material fish we procure and supply to our clients.


Group company

Sale of marine raw material fish
Nichimo International, Inc.

Machinery Business
: Construction of a fully-equipped plant

Nichimo designs, engineers and constructs a plant fully-equipped with optimum machinery, equipment and systems to accommodate individual clients’ needs.


Group company

Manufacture and sale of food processing machinery and equipment
Bibun Corporation
Soei Co., Ltd.

Machinery Business
: Engineering of processing lines and facilities

With our comprehensive line of food processing machinery and equipment, Nichimo designs, engineers and installs optimum processing lines and facilities, encompassing all the way from handling of raw materials to final packaging, for our clients in seafood, tofu, Chinese food and many other food processing industries.


Group company

Manufacture and sale of food processing machinery and equipment
Bibun Corporation
Soei Co., Ltd.

Biotics Business

Nichimo supplies our proprietary product AglyMax® and other highly functional food materials and supplements, including those for alternative medicine, to support health promotion and self-medication.


Group company

Manufacture and sale of soybean-derived functional food products and supplements
Nichimo Biotics Co., Ltd.

Food Business
: Processed food

Nichimo delivers high quality, traceable processed food products developed with our Group-wide integrated system to meet customers’ needs.


Group company

Sale of processed food products
Nichimo Foods Co., Ltd.
Dalian Nichimo Trading Co., Ltd.
Manufacture and sale of processed food products
Haneuo Shokuhin Co., Ltd.
Yamaichi Suisan Co., Ltd.
Otaru Foods Co., Ltd.
Marukyu Shokuhin Co., Ltd.
Chikae Foods Co., Ltd.
Nichimo Buturyu Co., Ltd.
Hokkaido Marine Service Co., Ltd.

Distribution Business

Nichimo provides total distribution services from management of distribution centers to freight transportation and delivery in Kyushu and other areas to help clients optimize their distribution and delivery system.


Group company

Distribution Business
Nichimo Logistics Co., Ltd.

Materials Business
: Packaging materials and hygiene control products

Working with manufacturing partners, Nichimo serves food processing, medical and many other industries with a wide range of materials and supplies from trays and wrapping film, to functional corrugated boxes and packaging materials and to hygiene control products.


Materials Business
: Functional furnishing materials and film rolls

Nichimo, working with manufacturing partners, supplies furnishing materials and film rolls that find a wide range of applications to include home furnishing, electronic parts and components and hygiene control. We also supply the soil improvement product COFUNA® and other agricultural materials and supplies.


Nichimo creates value through connections from ocean to dining across six business segments: food, marine operations, machinery, materials, biotics, and distribution.

02 Nichimo by the Numbers


Nichimo by
the Numbers

  • Incorporated


    In business for over 100 years

    Nichimo’s predecessor, Nihon Gyomo Sengu K. K. (translation: Japan Fishing Net and Ship Fittings Co., Ltd.), was established on August 17, 1919. Over a history spanning more than 100 years, we have been developing business operations in response to changing times, leading to the formation of the current Nichimo.

  • Consolidated net sales

    billion yen

    Consolidated net sales for the Nichimo Group’s six business segments in the fiscal year ended March 31,2023 were 126.8 billion yen.

  • Ordinary income

    Exceeding 2 Billion Yen
    for 5 Consecutive Years

    Employing a business structure to secure stable profitability, the Nichimo Group recorded the ordinary income of 3.2 billion yen for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023.

  • Number of countries with which we do business

    38 countries and regions worldwide

    We are a global company that does business with 38 countries and regions around the world.
    We make proposals tailored to local needs and the requirements of every country and region.

  • History of business

    More than 40years
    of experience in aquaculture

    Starting with coho salmon farming in 1980, today we provide total support, from the sale of eggs and fry, feed, and aquaculture materials through providing information, and purchasing, processing, and selling farmed seafood.

  • Sales per employee

    Over 300
    million yen

    Nichimo has about 200 employees, by no means a lot. However, this small but talented team sells over 60 billion yen annually of products and services.

  • Features of Nichimo’s Business Segments
    • Food Business

      Amount of crab
      handled annually:

      4,000 tonnes

      We offer high-quality products procured from fishing grounds around the world based on customer needs.

    • Marine Business

      Towing tank for

      world’s longest,
      at 100 meters

      Our towing tank is recognized internationally for its unique features, R&D testing, and high standards.

    • Machinery Business

      Shumai produced
      every second:

      over 2,000

      With the 750 manufacturing machines that we have installed so far, as many as 2,000 shumai (traditional Asian dumplings) can be manufactured every second.

    • Materials Business

      Length of various films
      handled annually:

      Enough to encircle
      the globe 1.5times※Assuming that the circumference
      of the earth is 40,000km

      From food packaging materials to building materials, we handle a wide range of products to suit our customers’ requirements.

03 The Future of Nichimo


The Future
of Nichimo

For the past 100 years and the next 100 years

On August 17, 2019, we celebrated our 100th anniversary.
In the face of several crises, we have changed our business operations with the times, repeatedly taking up challenges and maintaining continuity.
To prosper for another 100 years, Nichimo will continue to accept the changing times, create new businesses,
and pass them on to the next generation.

04 To Create a Sustainable Society


To Create a
Sustainable Society
that Leads to
the Future

Business Overview in Environment, Social and Governance