Machinery Business

Working with specialized manufacturers of advanced technology, Nichimo produces processing machinery and production equipment that are necessary in food manufacturing.
In addition, as part of our general supervision business, Nichimo also designs machinery and equipment to be used in production lines in newly established processing facilities.

Food Processing Machinery

Cooperating with domestic and foreign manufacturers of advanced technology—including 2 major subsidiary companies, Nichimo designs production systems that are tailored to our customers needs. We provide machinery to be used in the production and processing of food, which includes raw materials handling and packaging. We also make possible the construction of production lines that are efficient and labor-saving.
Meanwhile, Nichimo also actively exports machinery for food processing to markets overseas.


  • 【MOVIE】

  • Noodles
    (Fresh, Cooked, Frozen, etc.)

  • 【MOVIE】

  • SURIMI, Surimi Seafoods

  • Seafood Processing

  • Frozen Foods


  • Forming Machine

  • Cooker
    (Baking, Steaming, Frying, Boiling)

  • Cooling, Freezing Equipment

  • Packing Machine

  • 【MOVIE】
    Fish Processing (PINBONE REMOVER)

  • Automation, Robot system

Construction of New Manufacturing Facilities

For our customers establishing new food processing facilities, Nichimo provides thorough general supervision: managing the engineering of the facility design, the construction of the building, and the setting up of the production lines.
Nichimo has years of engineering experience. From the selection of the most suitable machinery and equipment, to the setting up of the production line, and planning for HACCP, which factors in personnel dynamics, we create facilities that make use of the latest technology.