Material Business

Cooperating with a number of manufacturers, Nichimo's Product Business division handles all sorts of products, all the while placing an emphasis on safety and environmental friendliness.
Nichimo cares not only about "food," but also about "life." We provide products for housing and furniture, packaging products that guarantee safety and health, and agricultural products that are targeted at the agricultural sector.
Reaching out from its marine business, Nichimo is an enterprise that works on "enriching the quality of life."

Furnishing Material

Nichimo supplies functional furnishing material to housing manufacturers and interior specialists. A major product is the wood grain film, developed in association with major printing companies and which is frequently applied to the surface of many types of building materials.
In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, the film is made of material that is not harmful to health and which is also environmentally friendly.

Packaging Material

From food trays to paper products like cardboard and cosmetics wrapping, Nichimo produces packaging products for a variety of industries.
For food manufacturers, Nichimo provides packaging film, which helps improve food safety.

Control Products

Nichimo provides a wide variety of hygiene control products to multiple industries.
Particular products include disinfectants and soaps that are targeted at the food production sector and the care/clinical sector.
Also, Nichimo develops products in conjunction with the government's BCP (Business Continuity Planning) program, contributing to the speedy reopening of businesses affected by disaster.

Agricultural Material

Nichimo's agricultural products are well-known and appreciated by people in the agricultural sector. Our main product, "Cofuna", improves the soil and mitigates the effects of continuous cropping.
Currently, we are working on producing wine that is made from grapes grown with Cofuna. Nichimo will continue to actively support agriculture that is friendly to the environment.