Marine Business

Nichimo's Marine Business has a wealth of fisheries technology and knowledge, calling upon years of experience that has been accumulating right from the founding of the company.
To better protect the marine environment, Nichimo is involved in the research and development of fishing gear and nets that are environmentally friendly. We do our best to ensure the sustained development of the fishing industry both domestically and overseas.
Nichimo also applies its technology to terrestrial products, catering to multiple needs. We also support people in the fishing industry through cooperation with the public sector.

Fishing Nets

Nichimo produces fishing nets that are tailored differently for the type of vessel, the part of the sea, and the type of fish. This makes it possible to attain higher catch rates and thus improves the overall profitability of the fishing industry.
On land, the same technology is used to develop fine, durable nets that are used for example as backstops in major-league stadiums, among other facilities.

Marine Machinery Products

Our marine machinery products include machinery and supplies for vessels that both improve resource management and enhance the efficiency of the fishing industry.
Combining its many years of experience with the very latest technology, Nichimo answers to the needs of the fishing industry by providing a wide variety of marine machinery products, extending even as far as vessel design.

Research and
Development Team

Nichimo's Research and Development Team conducts experiments using water tanks as part of the development of machinery products. Accommodating the needs of our customers, we are particularly specialized in the development of fishing nets and fishing gear for trawl and purse seine fishing.
Among our products, Nichimo's own unique knotless webbing "Ultra Cross Net" is used by the fishing industry all over the world.

Collaboration with
the Public Sector

Nichimo's marine business actively participates in projects organized by the public sector.
Nichimo has participated in the public fishery projects headed by the Fisheries Agency. By focusing on operation and production systems that can turn a profit, we are helping to transform fishing into an industry that can be profitable.
As part of Japan's policy of Official Development Assistance, Nichimo also contributes to the development of the fishing industry in developing countries, providing full sets of fishing gear and supervising fishing methods.